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LinkedIn for Branding and Lead Generation

This coaching and training program will help you join the ranks of top influencers on LinkedIn. You will grow your brand and influencer status and have your clients coming to you. We do this by:

PACKAGING YOUR EXPERTISE - help you understand your competitive advantage & structure it into a valuable client offer.

SAVE TIME – Ramp up your sales appointment-setting within 2-4 weeks.

SAVING MONEY – Outsource the cost of an internal sales resource to consistently generate leads to grow your business. 

GENERATING VALUABLE SALES LEADS - via a proven process that helps position you as the logical choice for your ideal client.


  •  Profile Funnel: Optimize Profile to Become A Sales Landing Page and Drive SEO leads

  • Referral Funnel: Identify Centres of Influence in your network who can exponentially increase your access to key decision-makers

  • Messaging Funnel: Build a series of connection and follow-up messages to build relationship and drive to sales meetings

  • Nurturing Funnel: Nurture existing relationships within the LinkedIn space in less than 10 minutes per day

  • Content Funnel: Content strategy to build your reach, reputation and bring warm clients to you

  • Understand How Your Business Can Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation

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    Digital Marketing Accelerator

    The Digital Marketing Accelerator training program is designed to give you the planning, strategy and technical capability to build your own digital marketing program using the Influencersoft digial platform. This training will turn you into a digital marketer with the ability to drive traffic to a website, create offers that convert into sales.

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    We Help You Develop an Online Marketing Growth Strategy to

    Transition Traditional Business to a Digital Business:

  • LinkedIn for Lead Generation – build a prospecting opportunity funnel

  • Digital Marketing Strategy defined (what social media sites, niche, target markets, etc.)

  • Facebook/Instagram/Youtube (or other) Digital Marketing strategy developed – learn which platform is best suited for your audience and learn how to use the platforms to drive consistent leads

  • Build advertising materials to use on digital platforms (FaceBook Ads, SEO wording, Youtube Ads, etc.)

  • Building and launching of a sales funnel to capture leads and move them through the sales funnel

  • Mastery of sales funnel technology using InfluencerSoft

  • Email automation strategy and implementation

  • Content development strategy

  • Brand Authority Multiplier – learn to use Ad Retargeting to amplify your sales

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    Change Maker Youth

    Training high-energy youth to to design, build and support small businesses in the digital economy.

    We will train qualified youth in vulnerable sectors to support small businesses’ digital transformation. We are excited about this program and are currently looking for community partners who work with youth and for corporate chambers/associations who work with small businesses.

     To be Launched in 2022!