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Finding Growth Opportunities for Technology and Professional Services Businesses Using LinkedIn Referrals and Appointment-Setting for over 15 years

Are you a Technology or Professional Services Business struggling to find clients?

My name is Marguerite Fleming and I help technology services businesses get high value clients using my Focused Growth client system.

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LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Get your company the visible on the #1 biggest social media site for business - LinkedIn. Get your Company Profile Page Builder consultation to create a company page that enhances your image and drives customers to your door. We provide a free consultation and assistance to write your company description.

Digital Marketing

Guaranteed to Get High-Value B2B Client Meetings Right Into Your Calendar Each Week.

Every business needs a competitive advantage that sets them apart. But, with so many Service Providers in the industry – and all of them offering the same basic set of services – how do you differentiate yourself?

Join the ranks of top-performing Growth Finder Providers – bringing in high value clients at a higher price that can provide you with the freedom and cash flow to grow your business. Becoming a profitable Service Provider is about changing the way you focus your sales activity. With guidance to identify key niches, create irresistible offers, find a source of great clients and set in place a system to consistently get a stream of those types of clients will give you the potential to achieve World Class status.

Don’t settle for average anymore.

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ChangeMaker Youth

B2B Automated Omnichannel Sales & Marketing Strategy.

87% of Buyers look at your online presence and do research before they engage with you. To truly grow your business, you must build out your sales and marketing strategy to drive exponential growth of your business.

We help you build a content, social media, email automation, website and more strategy. We help you build a marketing-machine to build relationships with dynamic drip campaigns that qualify each lead and has multiple funnels for each awareness stage. We help you build your brand, find your customers and deliver a stream of 20-50 hot leads a week.

Click on the FREE Case-Study below and explore how you can dominate your market.

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