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Develop your Digital Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Business


Get Qualified Leads Using LinkedIn

Digital Marketing is the Key To Sustainable Growth For Most Businesses

Your LinkedIn Network is a Goldmine Where You Can Access Thousands of 6-Figure Relationships and Business Leads

GROWTHFINDER Gives You Our EXACT System To Mine This Golden Opportunity

  • Warm Leads

  • We help small businesses scale exponentially using LinkedIn to get “WARM” leads that turn into sales faster!

  • Shortened Sales Cycle 

  • What is the value of one warm referral? A shortened sales cycle, higher trust, more revenue?

  • Referrals Are The Way To Go 

  • Old Way: Reach out by LinkedIn Message to cold prospects who don’t know you (less than 1% ROI)

    New Way: Get referred to ideal clients from trusted centers of influence - the highest ROI of any sales model (15%+ ROI)

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    Are You Struggling TO

  • Generate leads consistently for your business

  • Reach your ideal clients

  • Build your network for genuine business leads

  • Employ marketing based on testing and ROI

  • Earn a 6 FIGURE INCOME

  • We Can Help!

    We have helped 100 + companies with business lead generation and effective marketing programs for success, using my Focused Growth client system.

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    How Working With Me Can Help?

    Get your company the visible on the #1 biggest social media site for business - LinkedIn.

    I can help you join the ranks of top-performing Growth Finder Providers by:

    Help you understand your competitive advantage that sets you apart & structure it into a valuable client offer.

    Ramp up your sales appointment-setting within 2-4 weeks.

    Outsource the cost of an internal sales resource to consistently generate leads to grow your business. 

    via a proven process that helps position you as the logical choice for your ideal client.

    Our Services

    LinkedIn for Lead Generation

    If you sell to other businesses, LinkedIn is the #1 Best Social Platform to reach that audience. We help you design strategies to leverage referral, cold messaging and content marketing to drive ideal leads to your company on the visible on the #1 biggest social media site for business - LinkedIn.

    Get your Company Profile Page Builder consultation to create a company page that enhances your image and drives customers to your door. We provide a free consultation and assistance to write your company description.

    Digital Marketing Accelerator

    87% of Buyers look at your online presence and do research before they engage with you. To truly grow your business, you must build out your sales and marketing strategy to drive exponential growth of your business.

    We help you build a content, social media, email automation, website and more strategy. We help you build a marketing-machine to build relationships with dynamic drip campaigns that qualify each lead and has multiple funnels for each awareness stage. We help you build your brand, find your customers and deliver a stream of ready-to-buy leads every week.

    Change Maker Youth

    A ground-breaking new program that connects the energy and insight of young professionals to build digital marketing strategies for businesses.  Launching in 2021, this program will train youth to build end-to-end digital marketing programs for select businesses, benefiting both parties. Keep connected with us and we will let you know when the program is launched.


    We were able to reach over 27 new CIO,s and close 8 Sales in one Month using the GrowthFinder Linkedin Refferral System

    –Jonathn Landon, President, CIO Association of Canada – Toronto

    We got Warm lead in under a Month with Companies Who were excited to Speak with us using GrowthFinder Linkedin Refferral System

    –Wayne king, President, InfoMedia Systems

    We go so many CEO leads that it was hard to keep up with them. A good problem to have. I have highly recommend this model for B2B Sales Leads.

    –Charles Plant, President Narwhal Project

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